California AR15 AK47 AK74 Bullet Button Mag Release Tool
ThumBee™ Testimonials
Mag Release Tool for California AR-15 Carbine Rifles
I got my Thumbee very fast. I wasn't sure at first if i would even like it, but right when I tried it out, I loved it. It makes it so much easier to release the clip. Instead of using a bullet or something else. Its right on your finger and doesn't get in the way at all. I recommend this product! Evan S.
Compensates for wierd California law I was saearching for something that was CA legal and did the job. Inexpensive and actually works. I am a civilian Transporter and former law enforcement. When I work an assignment I need a quick, easily accessible means to release and reload magazines. The Thum Bee does the job. It is inexpensive and I plan on having several so I can spread them around my range bag, guns cases and so forth. Until one can leave California, this is a good tool to add to your renge bag. Preston G.
Excellent alternative to bullet button!!!! Plain and simple...digging around for the bullet button tool sucks...this is a perfect solution to CA's ridiculous fixed magazine laws. Nice work ThumBee...I will be ordering more of these for my rifles! Keenan C.
Very happy with purchase. This product was shipped quickly and works exactly as expected. Easily operates the bullet button, doesn't strangle your thumb, and can be positioned to where the stinger is not bumping against the handle of the rifle but still can be used effectively (this was my main concern). Overall very pleased with my purchase. Justin M.
Great product. Works great! Easy and comfortable to use. A must have if you live in CA. It does not interfere with any operations of your firearm. Bryan K.
Handy Tool! The Thumbee is a very handy tool for mag changes. Unlike others it is easy on your hand, the elastic keeps it from slipping & allows for some flexibility on which finger you use.
In a restrictive regulatory environment (read California) it allows you to still enjoy the fun of shooting! Socal Shooter
Highly recommend. The simplicity of this product is what makes it great. If you are unlucky enough to be restricted by CA laws, this product is a big help. It makes reloading much faster. Daniel B.
Works great! Quick, easy and convenient way to drop the magazines on my AR-15. It slips on your thumb (or any finger for that matter), stretchy so it stays on. Would defitiely recommend! John C.
Very clever, This is a great little item. I had been trying to think of a design for a convenient tool to release the magazine with a CA Bullet Button that I didn't have to keep in my pocket or strapped to a vest when I came across the Thumbee. This does not get in the way when shooting or manipulating the weapon at all. I keep it on my BAD lever when storing my AR so I never have to dig for it.

Best Features:
1)"Stinger" part is plastic and does not damage the finish on any part of the weapon
2)"Stinger" is skinnier than other tools I've seen and works on my adjustable bullet button with a smaller diameter hole than the standard bullet button.
3)"Stinger" is removable so can work it into other gear or gloves if I need to.
4) Fits my skinny fingers. It moves just a little bit, but I've never had it come off. And if your fingers are outside of the "universal" fit of this item (extra skinny or extra wide), you can always get a little elastic from Michael's and make your own loop and move the stinger over.

Great product and highly recommended for for California AR owners. Andrew D.
Perfect, exactly what I needed to adapt to the rediculous "Kalifornia" law
Nice quality, fully functional and performs exactly in the way that it's supposed to. Makes it much quicker to release magazines, while staying within the confines of California's law. I felt it was a better way to go than the magnetic button that attaches directly to the bullet button. Big Al.
This will work! It's a tool, fits in grip, easy to use and keep on thumb. Brad C.
I really love this little gaget works great. Lonnie P.
Good-to-go! I purchased this item not knowing if it would work... I can attest this is a perfect tool to manipulate the CA bullet button with ease. Since it does not "attach" to the rifle like the magnet you can have peace of mind you are good-to-go! I keep mine inside the pistol grip (using a grip plug) to be ready at all times. The Thumbee engages the button and drops the mag in your hand without issue and at this price how can you go wrong? CA Sport Shooter
Rick I gotta tell ya it's business owners like you are few and far between.  It's been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Not only did you follow up on things and solve my unique problem with my California bullet button but your service was prompt. Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail.  Can't wait to tell others about your product. Dave A.  
Fast delivery, great product, very pleased.....Thanks!!!! Chris H.
This is an ingenious, unique item and quite handy. Once it is on your thumb it does not interfere with firing your weapon and it is right there ready to release the magazine.
A handy "tool" for CA shooters - I recommend it. Roger B.
A very comfortable product to use and works exactly as expected. This is pretty much a required product for any civilian AR-15 owner who lives in California, as bullet buttons are the only real loophole allowing legal AR-15 ownership here. Mike M.
I just purchased two Thumbees for my Calif. AR & I am very pleased with how well it works. It fits nicely on my thumb, doesn't interfere with operating the weapon, & is a fast & easy mag drop for my Calif bullet button. John F.
Works great and is an absolute neccessity
- works exactly as advertized
- works with the bullet button release being sold on amazon
- they shipped it quickly
- CA Compliant tool

- cant think of any

If you live in California, own or are thinking about buying an AR. Then this tool is an absolute must have tool! Seth C.
Supet Fast shipping. Great deal. (Thumb bee for AR15) Highly recommended. Emmanuel C.
The more I use it, the more I like it!, Like I said, the more I use it the more I like it. I played with my bullet button a little so its easier to depress and this thing does the job just right! Mike P.
great little tool can't wait to try it out. Tim B.
A+++++. Thank you so much for the gift that came with my order. You guys rock! Armando R.
Used today and worked great. A+++ Brian K.
Excellent transaction, fast shipping great product Thank you. Chris A.
SUPER fast delivery, great product and packaging! Highly recommended! Thanks! Mike B.
Works as pictured great on middle finger too. Richard I.
I recently purchased a Thumbee for my ar-15 and this is the easiest way I have found to drop the magazine in a California compliant rifle. This is not a magnet and adjust to both men and women hands. Ruben M.
Awesome. Kris K.
This product is both comfortable to wear and simple to use. because it is simple elegant design, it can be worn even while shooting. Using this product, with very little practice, one can make mag changes both quickly and smoothly. So smoothly, at times, to make it appear that there is no bullet button installed on your rifle. As such, I recommend some vigilance as to who is observing your target range shooting and reloading behavior, when utilizing this product, as super-quick mag changes tend to draw undesired attention, at public ranges. Mike M.
Works great fast and cheap shipping couldnt be happier. Josh S.
Arrived earlier than expected and was exactly what I ordered. Seth C.
Man I could have used this all day today. Glad its here now. Thanks seller! Jason S.
Super fast shipping. Product was just what I needed. Mike P.
Perfect answer to the stupid bullet button...Thanx SS
Thanks so much. Highly recommended. AAAAAAAAAA+++++++ - Zorba S.
Fast, great, and awesome. Thank you.
works great - thanks - C.A.
kool tool - C.S.
Awesome item! - N.K.
It works!!!! - Blake S.
Excellent product, fast shipping, may buy more, A+++++ - Rock S.
Happy with the product, works as said, very happy with it. - S.A.
5 stars all the way, A++++++++++ - R.E.
Came fast, good little item to have. John C.
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