The "Ultimate" 1911 Bushing Tool™

Easily Remove or Install Your 1911 Barrel Bushing

You Can Rotate Bushings that Can't be Turned by Hand

the Ultimate 1911 barrel bushing tool

Whether your 1911 barrel bushing is easy or hard to turn, our "Ultimate" 1911 bushing tool™ makes it fun to break down your ".45 Cal."

After seeing many complaints with other tools - scratches, stripping, misalignment, flying springs, especially during installation, I decided to design a tool that is truly the "Ultimate"!

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"Ultimate 1911 Bushing Tool™"
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Below are the steps for Removing and Installing the
"recoil spring" and "plug" of a .45 cal 1911

put 1911 against body

Check your 1911 to be sure it is ammo free
no mag and empty chamber

Hold the Ultimate Bushing Tool in one hand and press the 1911 against your gut (tummy for dems if you're watching) as shown.

insert ultimate bushing tool

Line up the half circle on the "plug" (recoil spring retainer) and push down, so the tool enters the barrel.

Press the ultimate bushing tool down as far as it will go

Press the Ultimate Bushing Tool down as far as it will go. Be sure the bushing wrench is aligned with the bushing flange.

Rotate 1911 tool wrrench

Rotate the Bushing Wrench (the red part) enough, so it will allow the "plug and spring" to come out.

Release the recoil spring

Slowly release the energy of the recoil spring away from you and others. This process should always be done with the 1911 pointed in a safe direction. The Utimate Bushing Tool removes the need to look closely at the front of the gun.

Some people can do this by feel with their eyes closed!

Now for Assembly "so easy"!

Put the tool on the plug

This 1911 is a custom Caspian Tactical Master .45 cal that is super precise and beautifully made. The barrel bushing can't be turned by hand due to a few thousandths warpage in the slide. Watch how easy it is for me to assemble this that was otherwise a nightmare.

Line up the half circle on the "plug".

Press down on plug

I use my thumb and finger to hold the half circle against the plug as I push it down into it's opening.

press down on tool

Press down on the tool and align the wrench over the barrel bushing until the tool is seated on the front of the 1911.

rotate wrench until 1911 bushing is closed

Rotate the wrench until the bushing lines up correctly with the plug. You can also use this tool to turn a tight or loose bushing in the other direction - Left or Right operation.

Check to see if the bushing is seated

Here I've removed the tool after the installation and I'm checking the bushing to be sure it has locked the recoil spring plug correctly. You'll notice that I don't look directly at the end of the 1911 - no explanation needed!

Due to the insanity of those that take an oath to uphold the constitution, but instead do everything they can to circumvent the 2nd amendment, I will add a disclaimer.

Unique Dynamics, Inc. has designed and manufactured in the United States of America 2 gun accessories - the ThumBee™ for the AR15 to quickly release the magazine and now the "Ultimate 1911 Bushing Tool™". We interpret the 2nd amendment to mean that the government cannot infringe the right to bear arms and therefore all gun laws that infringe are unconstitutional. We also believe that guns, like cars, knives, etc. can be dangerous if used improperly and therefore we only promote the safe use of any and all weapons.

We make these from tough biodegradable plastic and ship colors randomly. If you must have one of our already made color combos contact us before ordering -
Warranty is 1 year, 1 time free replacement at our option.

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