AR15 AR10 ThumBee Mag Release Tool
There are many important gun parts such as the butt stock, red dot scope, optics, and Now The ThumBee - Non Magnet Mag Magazine Release Tool.
AR15 butt stock red dot scope non  magnet magazine release tool
Available in Black Only - white discontinued
Thumbee in White or Black
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Every CA Owner Needs a Thumbee for AR-15 clip release tool
  • The Thumbee logo stretches, so one size fits most men
  • The Thumbee logo has a metal "Stinger" like a Bee
  • The Thumbee logo so comfortable - you'll forget it's on

OPERATION - (Click a video link above!)

Simply slide the over your thumb with the stinger pointed towards the bullet button. When you want to drop the magazine, hold your fingers below the mag and push the stinger into bullet button recess. The mag drops into your hand. The ThumBee will NOT work on true assault rifles such as the M16.

The Thumbee - bullet button magazine release tool is not a bullet button, but an external non mag magnetic magazine release tool, so it meets the legal requirements for California.

How To Order:

The Thumbee purchase $8.75 ea.
+ S&H $2.77
+ Sales Tax if shipped to California

Order any quantity -
only one S&H charge

I know that you will be amazed at how perfectly the ThumBee for California bullet button performs and at such a low price! And the best part is, you will know why we say it is 100% legal. The ThumBee for California bullet button is a legal external tool, NOT a magnet button that becomes part of the gun - an illegal felony in California!

(gun laws change - we are not a legal authority - verify all laws yourself)

If you live in California and own or plan to buy an AR carbine then you will be subject to the "Bullet Button" required by law, designed to slow down the ability to reload your gun. It is a really stupid law, because criminals will just ignore it, but we must abide by it.

But now, a really simple and inexpensive tool called the ThumBee enables you to quickly drop and insert another magazine in record time.


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